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Integrative Coaching

Through holistic integrative  coaching, we work together to unearth the subconscious, helping you to connect to the deep wisdom within, supporting you to connect to your body and to trust its guidance. It is an invitation to slow down and be present with what is arising for you, how it is showing up in the body. It is an opportunity to connect to your vision for this life, and understand what blocks and limiting beliefs might be showing up. 


Different from counselling, coaching is more about moving forward, vision and goal setting and taking action. I support in guiding you to learn how to listen deeply to your mind and body and to consciously design an intentional life. Using a combination of intuition and inquiry, I am able to guide you using an energetic; mind, body, spirit approach that helps you to come home to yourself and work toward embodied awareness and finding tools for you to heal what may no longer be serving you.

Tools used can include visualization, breathwork, somatic experiencing, astrology, tarot and oracle cards

Sessions are offered at a sliding scale to accommodate to individual situations and needs

Free 15 minute meeting and consult 

45 min -- $50-75

60 min -- $75-100

75 min -- $100-125

Connect with me to learn more or book a session 

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