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Wauw, that was an amazing experience. During the sound healing I got to work through some heavy experiences that I was not aware of how much it affected me energetically.


After that session Agnieszka and I continued. She looked at me with a different look, the energy in the room was dense and it gave me the ability to feel more than just my body. We connected with our spiritual guides, which guided us through a ritual to release the past experiences. She told me to write out my experiences to find answers to my questions (because, yes, this shit was crazy, so I had many questions). Through writing I found more answers and Agnieszka helped me to further untangle and understand what has been going on. 

The session with Agnieszka was deeply connecting and I felt super safe. If you feel that some 'weird' things are happening in your life, and you feel something is holding you back, I would definitely recommend to do a session with Agnieszka, it feels like she can look through your soul and see the complete being that you are. She will safely guide you to the realm of the spirit guides and energies and you will be amazed what that will give you!

Iris, The Netherlands

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