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Agnieszka Zuchora


I am so happy you're here. My name is Agnieszka (Aggie for short) and I like to think of myself as an intuitive, eternal student of life. For as long as I can remember, I have had a natural pull to mysticism, magic, creativity and nature, and a very strong intuition. I have sat long meditations, lived in esoteric villages, and worked in incredibly difficult contexts searching for my purpose, and how I can leave the most positive impact, guided by the principles of "do no harm" while at the same time acknowledging the inevitability of change and pain.


Through living and working in diverse contexts, I have spent my life so far seeking the balance between the spiritual and the physical. Spending years on each side of the pendulum, only to realize the importance of honouring both and bringing the spiritual into our every day, while also allowing ourselves the space to experience the deep intricacies of what it means to be human. 


Life has taken me through incredible experiences and opportunities to learn and study unique healing modalities. Each experience has gifted me the ability to connect more deeply with myself, and my personal healing journey, as well as giving me new tools and resources to share with people.

My belief is that you are your own healer, and my role is to support you in accessing the healing power within. I have a passion for holding intentional space and supporting people in connecting to the deepest parts of themselves through yoga, sound and energy healing, and nature therapy. I have experience facilitating women’s circles around the world, and have studied different energy and sound practices. I have also completed a diverse set of leadership programs and trauma healing workshops.

Many have shared they see me as a bridge between the physical and the spiritual, de-stigmatizing what is unseen and feels strange or unknown, supporting in tuning into our bodies and intuition, and bringing us back into union with nature.

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