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Intuitive Counselling

Through intuitive counselling, we work together to gently step into the subconscious, helping you to uncover old wounds and connect to your inner wisdom, supporting you to connect to your body. It is an invitation to slow down and be present with what is arising for you in each moment, how it is showing up in the body, and the stories it might be creating. It is an opportunity for integration of the many parts or versions of you and to find that love and compassion for yourself.


Our unconscious conditioning or beliefs impact how we show up in our day to day lives - intuitive counselling allows us to become aware of these beliefs and supports us in discerning our truth from the stories placed upon us and any distorted views. I support in guiding you to learn how to listen to your mind and body and to process what has or is coming up for you. Using a combination of intuition and inquiry, I am able to guide you using an energetic; mind, body, spirit approach that helps you to come home to yourself and work toward embodied awareness and finding tools for you to heal what may no longer be serving you.

Tools used can include visualizations, breathwork, somatic experiencing, astrology, tarot or oracle cards and more

Sessions are offered at a sliding scale to accommodate to individual situations and needs


Free 15 minute meeting and consult 

45 min -- $50-75

60 min -- $75-100

75 min -- $100-125

Connect with me to learn more or book a session

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